With the amount of data increasing, and new vulnerabilities being exposed, maintaining innovative cybersecurity solutions has never been more important. The more connected we become, the more vulnerabilities emerge. At BCMC, our team provides solutions to make your analysts more efficient, better preventing cyber threat.


Increased connectivity is causing extreme data overload, creating greater cyber risk. But it’s not about how much data is around us. It’s about what can be done with that data. With such an influx of open source, structured and unstructured data, analysts need to be able to sort through information quickly. Our cyber solutions are integral to our nation’s defense. We’ve developed technology that unites analyst teams across the nation’s top cyber centers, building a more integrated and collaborative cyber intelligence network.


Protecting your valuable data is what we do. BCMC has developed cutting edge threat intelligence and cyber defense tools, compatible with STIX and TAXII clients to help identify threats and automate response. This allows analysts to quickly identify threats and focus on what really matters — minimizing risk.

Advanced Analytics

When your success is on the line, analysts need the proper information to prevent threats and react quickly. Specializing in innovative advanced analytic solutions, we provide tools to automate processes, sorting through massive amounts of data and giving your team more time to focus on what matters. As a CMMI Level 3 and certified ISO 9001:2015, 20000, and 27001business, we give you the necessary cybersecurity tools to help you meet your goals.


FLARE is an open source cybersecurity messaging platform that offers federal and commercial customers broad-reaching insight into advanced persistent threats and indicators. With FLARE, analysts can better leverage information and collaborate to reduce cyber risk. FLARE brings your resources and technology together, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly.


Serving the federal government, our security professionals help analysts become more proactive and incident response teams become quicker reactors. With BCMC tools, your security leaders can better share information, and get the most out of data. We hold CISSP, CISA, NSA IAM and CEH certifications.


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