eFAST is a multi-year Master Ordering Agreement (MOA) program offering a wide range of labor categories with fixed ceiling rates.

Highlights of eFAST are:

  • FAA’s preferred acquisition vehicle for small business
  • Satisfies Small Business requirements
  • Adherence to acquisition excellence
  • Access to trusted and reliable small business industry partners
  • Dedication to customer support and satisfaction
  • Low-fee-for-service: 3 percent
  • Multiple contract types and performance-based solutions available
  • Direct awards to 8(a) companies up to $3.5M
  • One-stop shopping: Full-service procurement services
  • Streamlined procurement lead times
  • Proven performance track record

Although, the eFAST is an agency-wide acquisition vehicle, it can also be applied by other Federal agencies based on best interest of the Government. eFAST vehicle offers multiple contract terms including Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Material (T&M), and Labor Hour.

As approved contractor under the eFAST contract vehicle, BCMC has been awarded a multitude of services to the FAA in the following eFAST functional areas through the five year MOA:

  • Computer Systems Support (CSS)
  • Computer/Information Systems Development (CSD)
  • Computer Systems Support (CSS)
  • Engineering Services (ES)
  • Research & Development

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